About SoccerMastery

SoccerMastery is a repository, OneStop for Soccer quiz. We have well over six thousand online Soccer quizzes.

Our expectation is that participants become acquainted and gain mastery over Soccer contents as they engage SoccerMastery and its contents.

Engaging the contents of SoccerMastery is a fun exercise. Our goal is to entertain soccer fans by replaying the game that has been played. We believe that doing so will not only entertain soccer fans, people across the globe will develop more interest in soccer.

Our quizzes are non-exhaustive as the contents are regularly updated!

Free practice Quizzes do not require registration or login. It’s open to everyone. However, we encourage participants to start with free practice quizzes to get acquainted with our quiz design.

Club Based SoccerMastery contain quizzes on some of the clubs across the globe. You may need to study your Soccer Club before attempting our quizzes. Participants are not tested when they attempt quizzes in this section. However, we strongly encourage everyone to attempt this section first after registration.

SoccerMastery is  the area where participants are being tested. Beside the cash prize that could be won on a weekly basis, successful participants may be invited to participate in SoccerMaster. Quizzes in SoccerMastery are divided into Series A and B. Successful candidates in this area will have a chance to be invited for SoccerMaster.

Winners of the Week and SoccerMaster are reward programs for participants who can prove through their participation that they are truly Soccer fans.

Features in SoccerMastery


You are allowed to attempt specific number of questions at a time.

Questions are randomly drawn from our question bank.

Thus, you may not be attempting same set of questions each time you retake the quiz.


Scores are programmed to deduct points when you missed the answer.

This is done to simulate live quiz.

BibleMastery prepares you for what you will likely see and meet in a live quiz.


You will be allowed to review questions when you have completed the round.

Review session gives opportunity to go over the questions without being timed!


Feedback is provided once the question is submitted.

Feedback also provides references to the questions.


It’s important to know that live quizzes are timed.

Thus, BibleMastery prepares you for live quiz either in your church event or television quiz…

Quiz Styles

Word Bank

These are graded questions in which users have to drag and drop words to corresponding fields. Number of empty fields can be less than the number of answer options. You will see more of these questions in Advance Level BibleMastery

Multiple Choice Text

Graded questions where participant has to choose one word from a drop-down list in each blank

Fill in the Blank

Graded questions that have one or more blank fields to fill in


These graded questions allow participants to arrange elements or items in certain order


These questions require the quiz taker to drag and drop items to make correct pairs. These types of question appear throughout BibleMastery

Multiple Response

These questions offer several answers options, and one or more of them can be correct. Participants are required to select all that apply

Multiple Choice

These questions provide several answer options, but only one of them is correct


These are graded questions that require evaluating a statement as correct or incorrect by choosing between true and false

Type in

Graded questions that allow users to enter the answer in the text field